AWS 1700MHz Repeaters

AWS 1700MHz Repeaters
  • Comply with WCDMA and LTE standards and meets AWS 1700MHz frequency band
  • Multiple types with composite output power from 16dBm to 37dBm
  • Smart Automatic Level Control(ALC)ensures stable and adjustable continuouslyoutput level
  • Efficient thermal characteristics, careful component selection and robust design result in high system reliability
  • Local or Remote management for configuration and alarms
  • Designed specifically to answer the needs of the AWS1700 MHz systems
16dBm AWS 1700MHz Band Selective Micro Repeater
21dBm AWS 1700MHz Tunable Bandwidth Mini Repeater
30dBm AWS 1700MHz Tunable Bandwidth Power Repeater
37dBm AWS 1700MHz Tunable Bandwidth High Power Repeater