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Power Amplifiers or Multi Carrier Power Amplifiers (MCPA) are critical radio frequency components of wireless network systems, typically representing 20-40 percent of the total cost of a base-station or the radio transmitter. There are a variety of wireless standards associated with 2G, 2.5G, 3G and 4G wireless systems and power amplifiers are designed for each, with frequencies ranging from 450MHz to 2.7GHz. 
Typically, power amplifiers are specifically designed to match the air interface employed for the cellular base-station. However, it is becoming increasingly popular to deploy amplifiers that support multiple air interfaces simultaneously on a frequency band. As service carriers migrate to air interfaces that support high speed data, transceiver elements that support these new standards are added to base station equipment. In order to save on equipment costs, service carriers are attempting to re-use as much of the base station equipment as possible while running multiple standards. 
Antenna and feed-line sharing has been used in the past.To extend this notion to electronics within the base station including filters, cables and power amplifiers. The Multi-Carrier Power Amplifier (MCPA) specifically addresses this issue. It is designed to meet the stringent air interface requirements associated with 2G, 2.5G, 3G and 4G base-station wireless systems. 
MCPA are specially designed and capable to amplify the multiple numbers of carriers without degrading the network performance. Feed forward technology and pre-distortions circuit provide highly linear output which can achieve -65 to-70dBc IMD. IMD suppression is most important when it comes multiple carriers and high output power.MCPA can consists as an option a built-in bypass circuit and if any fault in the equipment trigger the bypass function without affecting the existing system coverage. 
MCPA can be control and monitor locally and remotely through control software. MCPA also has got an external alarm option to integrate with the system alarms which can be monitor from user GUI. 
MCPA are available in tower top and tower bottom model based on the application, output power, number of technologies and number of sectors.

Multi Carrier Power Amplifier (MCPA)

Multi Carrier Power Amplifier (MCPA)
  • 450 MHz, 850 MHz, 900 MHz, 1400 MHz, 1800 MHz, 1900 MHz, 2100 MHz  2600 MHz, 3500 MHz types.
  • Support GSM, WCDMA, LTE, WiMAX air protocol, fully comply with 3GPP standard
  • Solid-state linearized design with up to 100 watts linear output power
  • Small form factor and lightweight
  • Suitable for single & multi FA WCDMA or LTE
  • High reliability and ruggedness.
  • Built-in Control & Monitoring Circuits
  • Built-in Output Isolator
  • High efficiency
  • Adapt Doherty technology

450MHz 50 watts MCPA


850 MHz 50 watt MCPA


900 MHz 50 watts MCPA


1500 MHz PDC Japan 50 watts MCPA


1800 MHz DCS 50 watts MCPA


1900 MHz PCS 50 watts MCPA


2100MHz WCDMA 40 watts MCPA


2600MHz LTE 40 watts MCPA


35000MHz LTE 40 watts MCPA

Multi Carrier Outdoor Boosting (TMB)

Multi Carrier Outdoor Boosting (TMB)
  • Supports LTE 800MHz, Cellular850MHz, SMR 850MHz, 900MHz, AWS-1700MHz, 1800MHz, 1900MHz,UMTS 2100MHz,MHz,2600MHz , 3500MHz.
  • Employed best advanced pre-distortion and feed-forward technology
  • Support multi-carrier LTE (FDD) with high system efficiency
  • 100W Downlink output power, supports multi-carrier amplifier.
  • (Lower or Higher Power types are also available)
  • Support flexible downlink input either duplexed or un-duplexed
  • Support system full diversity
  • Downlink and uplink gain adjustable with wide dynamic range
  • Lower uplink noise figure
  • Comprehensive product monitoring and control (local and remote);
  • Centralized system control/display/alarms, Great system reliability supported 
  • by architecture built-in redundancy (Optional)
  • All Models available operating power of 220/110VAC or -48VDC
  • Extensive protection for lightning, voltage surge,
  • Compact system size and light weight
TMB-M-800-O -51W15

TMB LTE 800 MHz Multi Carrier Outdoor Boosting System

TMB-M-900-O -52W15

TMB 900 MHz Multi Carrier Outdoor Boosting System

TMB-M-1400-O -50W15

TMB 1400 MHz Multi Carrier Outdoor Boosting System

TMB-M-1700-O -50W15

TMB AWS 1700 MHz Multi Carrier Outdoor Boosting System

TMB-M-1800-O -51W15

TMB 1800 MHz Multi Carrier Outdoor Boosting System

TMB-M-2600-O -50W15

TMB 2600 MHz Multi Carrier Outdoor Boosting System

TMB-M-3500-O -47W15

TMB 3500 MHz Multi Carrier Outdoor Boosting System


TMB Cellular 850 MHz Multi Multi-Carrier Boosting System


TMB SMR 850 MHz Multi Carrier Outdoor Boosting System