TETRA 400MHz Fiber DAS

TETRA 400MHz Fiber DAS
  • Fiber Optic RF Repeater is a reliable solution to extend and improve the coverage area of TETRA 400MHz network
  • Consists of two main modules, Master and multiple Slave units.
  • 33, 37, 40 or 43dBm composite output power, meet systems standards
  • Easy field installation and maintenance reduces rollout and operational costs
  • The signal transmission in fiber optic repeater is not disturbed by outside influences
  • Provide very quick RF coverage service to your TETRA Base-Station
  • Compact Size and High Performance in waterproof enclosure suitable for outdoor and indoor installations
  • Remote unit design for wall mounting &Base unit design for 19-inch rack
TETRA 400MHz Fiber Optic Repeating System