RF Matrix 4x4 698-3800 MHz

RF Matrix 4x4 698-3800 MHz
  • Cover global wideband from 698 MHz up to 3800 MHz.
  • Supports LTE 700MHz, LMR 700MHz, LTE-EU 800MHz, SMR 850MHz, Cellular 850MHz, GSM 900MHz, PDC 1400MHz, AWS-1700MHz, DCS 1800MHz, PCS 1900 MHz,  UMTS 2100Mz, LTE 2300MHz LTE 2600MHz, Wi-Fi  2.4GHz and all latest network topologies.
  • Hybrid Type device with low insertion loss.
  • Wide frequency range.
  • High Isolation with min 30dB across the band.
  • Very Low Passive Intermodulation (PIM).
  • Handling Power of 500 watts per port.
  • Easy installation with DIN connectors.
  • Exceptional reliability and environmental protection.

4x4 500 Watts Low PIM Hybrid Matrix 698-2700 MHz


4x4 300 Watts Low PIM Hybrid Matrix 698-3800 MHz