850-2100MHz RF Repeaters

850-2100MHz RF Repeaters
  • Comply with Cellular 850MHz & 2100MHz bands requirements, meets GSM, WCDMA and LTE ETSI and 3GPPStandards.
  • Multiple types with composite output power from 21dBm to 35dBm.
  • Low Noise figure&excellent linear RF performance.
  • Smart Automatic Level Control(ALC)ensures stable and adjustable continuously output level
  • Selectable frequency band to support multi- block configuration.
  • Efficient thermal characteristics, careful component selection and robust design result in high system reliability.
  • Local or Remote management through wireless modem.
  • Isolation detection & oscillation suppression feature.
21dBm 850-2100MHz Dual Band Mini Repeater
30dBm 850-2100MHz Dual Band Power Repeater
35dBm 850-2100MHz Dual Band High Power Repeater