GSM-R Repeaters

GSM-R Repeaters
  • Bi Directional Amplifier (BDA) configuration with multiple levels of output power from 21 dBm up to 40 dBm downlink composite power.

  • Fully comply with GSM-R standard,

  • Light weight, compact Size and high Performance

  • Comply with Railway Telecommunications (RT); ER-GSM frequencies; Part 1: ER-GSM additional radio aspects, ETSI TS 102 281 V3.0.0 (2016-02.

  • Cost effective alternative to exclusive BTS solution

  • User friendly GUI & plug and play installation

  • Isolation detection function

  • Low power consumption, Linear power amplification to effectively suppress inter-modulation and spurious emission.

  • Advanced design, with built-in ALC function, provides auto amplitude fixing, Auto Shutdown,over output protection and prevent oscillations in case of low or marginal isolation between the donor and the service antennas.


GSM-R 900 MHz 21dBm Band Selective Mini Repeater


GSM-R 900 MHz 30dBm Band Selective Power Repeater

GSM-R 900 MHz 40dBm High Power Repeater