In Builiding DAS - Poinit Of Interface unit (POI)

In Builiding DAS - Poinit Of Interface unit (POI)
  • US and EU types.
  • High Performance and high reliability with up to 16 inputs (4 per band) combined  into up to 4 outputs.
  • Very cost effective antenna sharing solution for Indoor/Outdoor applications
  • High power BTS conditioning 150 watts per port.
  • Very Low Passive Inter-Modulation (PIM),
  • Extremely low Insertion loss.
  • DAS vendor neutral, support duplexed and non-duplexed signal and uplink diversity
  • Programmable Dynamic DL Power Control
  • Optional for Built-in Power meters to monitor input and output power.
  • Optional for remote and local configuration, management and monitoring of alarms
  • Plug-and-play configuration, Indoor, outdoor or 19-inch Rack types.

Point of Interface POI 700-2700 MHz US type


Point of Interface POI_800-2700 MHz EU Type