TETRA 400MHz Coverage Solutions


  • Bi Directional Amplifier (BDA) configuration with multiple levels of output power from 20 dBm up to 40 dBm downlink composite power.
  • Fully comply with TETRA standard, supports all combinations of TETRA 400 MHz bands
  • Remote monitoring via wireless modem
  • High-end linear amplification with low spurious inter-modulation output
  • High reliability; MTBF ≥100,000hours¸waterproof enclosure suitable for outdoor and indoor deployments
  • Advanced design, with built-in ALC function, provides auto amplitude fixing, Auto Shutdown,over output protection and prevent oscillations in case of low or marginal isolation between the donor and the service antennas.

TETRA 400 MHz 20 dBm High Selectivity Mini Bi-Directional Amplifier


TETRA 400 MHz 40dBm High Power Band Selective  Repeater / BDA



TETRA 400 MHz 40dBm High Power Channel Selective Repeater/BDA 



TETRA 400MHz 30dBm Band Selective Power Repeater

TETRA 400MHz Fiber DAS

TETRA 400MHz Fiber DAS
  • Fiber Optic RF Repeater is a reliable solution to extend and improve the coverage area of TETRA 400MHz network
  • Consists of two main modules, Master and multiple Slave units.
  • 33, 37, 40 or 43dBm composite output power, meet systems standards
  • Easy field installation and maintenance reduces rollout and operational costs
  • The signal transmission in fiber optic repeater is not disturbed by outside influences
  • Provide very quick RF coverage service to your TETRA Base-Station
  • Compact Size and High Performance in waterproof enclosure suitable for outdoor and indoor installations
  • Remote unit design for wall mounting &Base unit design for 19-inch rack
TETRA 400MHz Fiber Optic Repeating System

TETRA 400MHz In Line Booster

TETRA 400MHz In Line Booster
  • Compensate insertion loss of passive components and transmission losses of feeder cables.
  • Used for or Indoor Distributions or Tunnel Coverage.
  • Advance Bi Directional Technology.
  • 30 / 33 / 37dBm composite power types, meet TETRA system standards.
  • Supports all combinations of TETRA at all combinations of 400 MHz band.
  • Provide quick RF coverage service to your TETRA Base-Station.
  • Compact Size and high Performance in waterproof enclosure suitable for outdoor and indoor installations
  • Metal cavity filter technology, allows wider receiving and transmitting separation, gain flatness, higher stability and lower noise figure
TETRA 400 MHz In Line Booster