RF Wireless Coverage Solutions

In Building Solutions (IBS)


The rapid growth in the use of mobile devices resulted in wireless services within most of buildings to become expected and in many instances mandatory. Mobile and Public Safety operators face the challenge of delivering comprehensive coverage within a building in an affordable manner.

Achieving good quality coverage from external base stations is increasingly difficult, due to environmental regulations around building construction, which effectively shields the building from a wireless respective & limits radio signal penetration & distribution.

EMTS range of in-building coverage systems, provides solutions for small to medium and large buildings ensuring high-quality wireless coverage is achieved throughout.


Passive DAS Solutions


Passive Distributed Antenna System (DAS) solution is built with a combination of passive components or RF ancillaries like a splitter, coupler, feeder, etc. The passive solution is cost effective and widely used for covering small and medium size buildings.

The Passive DAS solution has many advantages when it comes to single operator with limited technologies. This solution is totally free from noise and active intermodulation products with less operational and maintenance cost.

Main radio sources for passive DAS solutions are Microcell and Repeaters.


Our products support the needs of passive DAS. The products we supply:


Distributed Antenna Systems – Passive and Active DAS solutions

  • -  Filters
  • -  Diplexers
  • -  Duplexers
  • -  Hybrids
  • -  Splitters
  • -  Couplers
  • -  High Power 50-ohm dummy load
  • -  Repeaters / Bi-Directional Amplifiers 




HYBRID DAS Solutions

 Hybrid DAS solution is a combination of active and passive components, normally a concept of Fiber Optic Repeater based solutions. The solution consists of a master and remote unit which supports LTE, GSM, GSM, and WCDMA (iDEN, TETRA and APCO25 for public safety networks) based on customer requirements. A master unit converts the RF signals to optical and is usually connected to remote units via Fiber Optical Cable. The Remote unit converts the optical signals to original RF signal. The remote unit is further connected to a passive DAS to extend the coverage to the desired areas.


EMTS provides Fiber optic DAS, RF Repeaters and RF passive components to support the design and the implementation of active DAS.


Hybrid DAS for In-Builiding Systems - passive and active RF components

Key Features of Active DAS


  • -  Usually one primary hub distributes up to 8 secondary hubs and each secondary hub to up to 8 remote units
  • -  Scalable & easily upgradable system without additional modules
  • -  Same system supports both FDD & TDD
  • -  Can be used over multi-mode (MMF) or single mode fiber(SMF)
  • -  Hot- pluggable optical and coaxial transceiver modules used in primary hub and secondary hub
  • -  Auto power adjustment in remote unit for different technologies, i.e.: same coverage for all technologies
  • -  Visual alarms at each module to monitor the operational status
  • -  Web-based Network Management for monitor and control
  • -  Centralized power supply options for remote units


Indoor / Outdoor Repeater / Bi-Directional Amplifier solutions


EMTS supply a complete range of RF Repeaters for cellular use from 450MHz up to 2600MHz with multiple levels of output power starting from 13dBm up to 43dBm  with Gain from 60dB up to 95dB. Our product line includes band and channel-selective type with single or multi-block configuration, as single band type or dual and triple band types.

We support CDMA / WCDMA 450MHz, LTE 700MHz, LTE 800MHz (EU band ), Japan 800MHz band, Cellular 850MHz , SMR850 MHz , Japan PDC 1500MHz, AWS 1700MHz, Japan 1700MHz band, DCS 1800MHz , PCS 1900MHz, UMTS 2100MHz and LTE 2600MHz.

For Public-Safety networks we provide Bi-Directional Amplifiers for VHF band, TETRA and LMR 400MHz, TETRA and LMR 800MHz and 700/800MHz systems. Our Bi-Directional Amplifiers are designed to support the special needs of the public safety networks and characterized by high reliability & high Performance.

In addition to public safety networks we also provide radio coverage solutions for Tunnels and mines.

EMTS is also a supplier of GSM-R coverage solutions includes RF and Fiber ODAS repeaters.



3G, LTE, 5G Repeaters, Bi-Directional-Amplifiers (BDA ) & DAS solutions


Interference Cancelation - In Band & Out of Band


Cellular networks today are interference-limited and only becomes increasingly so in the future due to the many users (in different frequency bands) that need to share the spectrum to achieve high-rate data communication. EMTS offer a multi-user technique to reduce the background noise, the solution includes a combination of an advanced filtering technology combined with advanced front-ends techniques, Our solutions leads the way to interference cancellation and highlights system-level considerations for future multi-user receivers. 

We provide our advanced interference management and cancelation for 3G, 4G and 5G networks using practical challenges to deploy advanced interference management and their implications on system design, both for In-Band & Out of band cancellation.


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RF Interference Cancelation – In band / out band